1. Cancellation policy: At least 3 days advance notice is required for a free cancellation.
  2. Check-in from 12PM to 11PM.
  3. When providing a check-in time please be on time, if we are unable to contact you your booking could be cancelled if you have not shown up for your reservation within 4 hours of the check-in time indicated.
  4. Tax is not included.
  5. Check-out is before 11AM.
  6. Failure to check-out 1 hour after 11AM will result in a fine, if you still haven't checked out by 12PM you will be charged for the full day.
  7. No refunds once check-in is complete. Non-negotiable.
  8. Age permittance is restricted; We only allow 18 – 45 year olds to stay in our hostel.
  9.  No smoking in the dormitories or private rooms, smoking should always be in the common area's and other designated smoking areas.
  10. Reception working hours are 09:00 – 23:00.
  11. The peak season in Goa spans from December 21 st – January 2 nd , due to the high demand during this busy period we ask that all people staying during this time pay 100% deposit within 72 hours of the booking. Bookings made for this period cannot be cancelled or modified.
  12. All guests will be asked for a valid passport (including Indian citizens), foreign travellers must provide a passport with a current visa upon check-in and Indian nationals must provide just a passport . This is non negotiable and without this we reserve the right to terminate the booking.
  13. Group bookings are limited to a maximum of 6 people, any reservation made for more than this will be cancelled.
  14. Full or remaining payment amount is taken upon arrival: cash or card.
  15. Payment in cash is preferable as all card payments are subject to a 3% charge.
  16. ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The environment is everyone's to share and preserve; please conserve electricity and water by being mindful.
  17. ENERGY CONSUMPTION:Do not run water for any longer than necessary, water is a valuable resource that should not be wasted!
  18. ENERGY CONSUMPTION:When leaving a room please ensure all lights and fans are turned off when not in use, electricity is not some that we should take for granted and so we ask that all of our guests remain vigilant when staying at our hostel.
  19. ENERGY CONSUMPTION: In most of the dormitories AC is provided and it is important that guests are mindful not to carelessly leave these units running when they are not in use, these are a huge source of energy consumption that must be monitored and used sparingly.
  20. The possession and use of any illicit drugs is strictly illegal in India meaning that these substances are prohibited within the hostel, we reserve the right to cancel any bookings and take steps to have the guest removed from the hostel premises.
  21. Any guests found acting anti-socially, unlawfully or otherwise poorly will have their booking cancelled and/or modified without refund and the legal authorities may be contacted.
  22. There is no curfew for guests.
  23. Visitors are not allowed on hostel premises at any time.
  24. Please do not dry clothes inside or outside the rooms, kindly use the designated drying areas.
  25. Any guests found stealing or damaging hostel property will be solely accountable for their actions and Wonderland hostel will levy damage charges and/or contact the legal authorities as deemed necessary. This will also result in a termination of the booking with no refund.
  26. Please take care of your own personal belongings, the hostel is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft to our guests property regardless of the reason.
  27. Kindly keep dormitories and common areas as clean as possible. As a matter of respect and hygiene we would ask that guests do their part to keep Wonderland as welcoming as possible and to not take this living space for granted.
  28. As a courtesy to your fellow hosteller, please keep the noise around the sleeping area's to a minimum at all times. People in this hostel have varied sleeping patterns for various reasons and anyone who is found to be making excessive noise around the dormitories could be asked to leave the hostel.